Nick Siscoe


Pradl was my first true startup venture, built during the latter half of my freshman year at UNL. It taught me a tremendous amount about customer discovery, the importance of passion for the problem, and building software on a team.

An excerpt from my Medium article on the impetus behind starting Pradl:

"A little over a year ago, a friend of mine was purchasing a car for college on Craigslist. When he finally came across the right car for the right price — and after a cumbersome exchange with the seller — my friend headed to the seller’s house to complete the transaction. Parked in the seller’s driveway and along the street were six vehicles, and the seller walked out of his duplex glued to his phone as notifications poured in. His wife stayed inside, trying to control two screaming toddlers.

After finalizing some paperwork at a local dealership, my friend offered to give the seller a ride home, and on the way inquired about the seller’s Craigslist business. The notifications flooding his screen were texts from potential buyers, and the seller could hardly keep track of his conversations, nonetheless hold personal text conversations alongside his business ones. It finally made sense to my friend why after every text it seemed like the seller forgot what the conversation was about…

Building a side-business is hard. If it wasn’t already hard to find enough hours in the day, running a business on just a few hours every evening is a time management disaster. What makes the “Craigslist side-hustle” so challenging, and how can technology help? Two friends (including the one I’ve been talking about) and I started working nearly 8 months ago to figure it out."

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