Nick Siscoe

Co-founder • Husker • UI/UX-Enthusiast • Guitarist • Raikes School Student • Star Wars Connoisseur • Kansas City BBQ Lover


Things I'm having fun with

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April 2019 - Present

  • Leveraging technology to democratize access to human financial advice and guidance at scale
  • Semi-finalist at First National Bank of Omaha's "The Pitch" 2019
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Tigerpaw | Design Studio

Product Manager

April 2019 - Present

  • Delivering a voice interface to Tigerpaw-powered businesses around the world
  • A Design Studio project through the Raikes School
About Tigerpaw Software
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The University of Nebraska Raikes School

Web Engineer

September 2019 - Present

  • Reimagining the digital face of the Raikes School
  • Single-handedly building the new UNL Raikes School website from scratch
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Things I'm proud of

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Software Engineer Intern

May - August 2019

  • Improved tools that 98% of American high school football coaches use to manage their game film
  • Increased the average efficiency of storage usage requests by ~500%
  • Assisted with the release of 1080p HD video on Hudl Classic
About Hudl
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January - May 2019

  • Write daily, simply
  • A React.js/Firebase personal project to motivate me to write daily
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TD Ameritrade Response Search


January - May 2019

  • Raikes School Sophomore SWE project enhancing TDA's tax-related support
  • Awarded as the "Most Outstanding Technical Software Project" out of eight teams
  • Here's my reflection on my technical contributions to the project
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July - December 2018

  • Monetize your passion by sharing products you love
  • A React.js-based personal project aligning with my passion for small business
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TechCrunch: PayIt raises $100M+ from Insight Partners


Software Engineer Intern

May - August 2018

  • Developed production software as an early employee of a rapidly growing startup
  • Helped launch an app used by 1/3rd of smartphone-owning adults in the State of Kansas
  • Continuously deployed features trusted by city and state governments nationwide
About PayIt
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Co-founder, Frontend Development Lead

December - August 2018

  • Web-based CRM platform for Craigslist sellers
  • My first startup and experience building a web-app UI from scratch
  • Here's some info about the concept and here's my reflection on ending the startup after six months of development

Simple React Native Weather App

November 2017

  • Displays the five-day forecast for Kansas City, MO
  • First dive into JavaScript and React Native
GitHub Repo
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Sole Developer and Publisher

January - February 2017

  • Free-to-play mobile game once on the Google Play Store
  • My first crack at mobile development with Java and publishing a finished product

Crazy Joe's Fireworks Website

Freelance Web Developer

Spring 2015

  • Website for Belton, MO fireworks business
  • Completed alongside Snead's BBQ's site as first HTML/CSS professional experience
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Snead's BBQ's Website

Freelance Web Developer

Spring 2015

  • Website for Belton, MO barbecue restaurant
  • Completed alongside Crazy Joe's site as first HTML/CSS professional experience
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Things that interest me

Small Business Tech

Developing technologies that small businesses can use to get ahead

Audiovisual Production

Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas Pro 13, GIMP, Photoshop, Adobe XD, Garageband, Audacity...